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Metropolitan New York Ski Council
Harry Walter Voege Memorial Scholarship

This is our tenth year of the of the Metropolitan New York Ski Council's Harry Walter Voege Scholarship Program to honor and thank Harry for six decades of commitment and generosity as a valued member of the MNYSC. Harry lived by the creed of promoting the friendly sport of skiing, bringing together persons interested in skiing, and making it easier for members of the clubs to participate in skiing. We hope to extend Harry's passion through this Memorial.

The Council is offering a $1000 scholarship. The Metropolitan New York Ski Council Scholarship application is available below. The prerequisites for applying call for the applications to be members of the MNYSC for two seasons (either as a single member or part of a family membership), the years 2023-2024 scholarship award as follows:

For all award years the applicant must have a parent or grandparent who has been a member of the current and past season with no requirement that the applicant be a member.

Applications must be post-marked by April 15th. Applications must be postmarked or dropped off on or before the due date.
You may mail your application to:

Harry Walter Voege Memorial Scholarship, c/o Metropolitan New York Ski Council
1019 Fort Solonga Road, Suite 10 # 235, Northport, NY 11768

Scholarship application


Harry Walter Voege, The Man

Born on September 12, 1912, in Belle Harbor, New York, Voege started skiing in 1923, when his father put him on wooden boards for the first time. It didn’t take long before he was hooked. He spent his early skiing years on the Dyker Heights Golf Course in Brooklyn, New York, where he lived until 1938. While Harry lived in Brooklyn a Norwegian Ski Club was being organized in the bay ridge section of this Brooklyn neighborhood. The clubs name was "Telemark Ski Club" organized in 1936. It was a "nordic" club interested in promoting cross country skiing and ski jumping. The club built a ski jump in the town of Rosendale, N.Y. where it organized sanctioned events. The club was a member of the U.S. Eastern Amateur Ski Association based in Littleton, N.H. with Harrys help Telemark Ski Club hosted an early convention in NYC at the Hotel New York and 1000 representatives from various Eastern Ski Clubs attended. Harry always represented Telemark Ski Club at all the annual meetings of Eastern Clubs. In addition to his Eastern envolvement Harry was instrumental in organizing the Metropolitan NY Ski Jumping committee. This group was responsible for operating all the Eastern sanctioned ski jumps at the Bear Mountain State park. These competitions continued from 1939 through the late 1960's. Members of this group included, Swedish Ski Club, Norway Ski Club, Telemark Ski Club, Ramapo mountain Ski Club, Bear Mountain Ski Club and later years Odin Ski Club of New Jersey. Harry was and active member of the Met New York Ski Council in a leadership capacity. His companion Martha Dehli member of Swedish Ski Club a long time secretary of Met New York ski council, were together for 46 years. Martha continues to be a dedicated friend to Telemark Ski Club. The Telemark Ski Club is now in its 78th year of operation and has owned its own ski lodge in the town of Pittsford, Vermont for the last 51 years. Still a big supporters of organized skiing..

He moved from Brooklyn to Garden City, Long Island, and stayed there until 1956 before moving into New York City. Voege skied often at nearby ski areas and eventually landed a spot on Stowe’s ski patrol. There, he shared company with NSP founder Minnie Dole and patrolling legends Roland Palmedo and George Wesson. In 1941, not long after joining the patrol, he received National Appointment #391. He also served on the patrols at New York’s Whiteface Mountain and Lake Placid. Voege hadn’t even hit 30 yet, but it was clear that he’d found a niche in the ski patrol community.

Harry Voege was also a charter member of T,M,S,C. organized in 1934. The club built a 50 meter ski jump in the town of Rosendale, NY.

Harry represented T,M,S,C. yearly at the conventions of the then U.S. Eastern Amateur Ski Association and also organized the “Bear Mountain Sports Association” where other member clubs sponsored yearly ski jumping tournaments thru the 1960’s.

Harry was also a contributing sponsor when Telemark Ski Club purchased its ski lodge located in the town of Pittsford, Vermont in the year 1963.

The clubs name “Telemark” is an area in Norway where skis were found dating back to 5000 years ago. “Telemark” is also a different way of skiing by lifting the heal off the ski.

It is also a term used in ski jumping when landing with on ski more forward than the other.

In his lifetime, Harry Walter Voege made immeasurable contributions to the National Ski Patrol as well as the individual patrols and organizations he served. He was an honorary life member and founding father of the Garden City Ski Club, Garden City, New York. He was also a Founding Member of the Telemark Ski Club where he remained a member and was Telemark's Council representative until his death. A businessman, entrepreneur, and investor by trade, Voege lived to ski. His world revolved around skiing. He loved skiing with a passion. Because of his love of skiing, Harry bequeathed a substantial amount of money to the NSP, which ill allow the continuation of education programs and development and quality assurance programs in skier and rider safety awareness.
Thank you Harry for all that you have done for the sport of skiing.

May your slopes always have a little powder on them.