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The final race results are posted in pdf format. Each file is comprised of multiple pages.
Downloading these files may require significant time depending on your computer setup.
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Each year since 1936 the Metropolitan New York Ski Council has run an annual ski and inter-club racing competition.
The competition, which features both alpine and snowboard races, is normally held during the later part of January.
To ensure good participation, five events are offered: Main, Intermediate, Junior, Husband & Wife, and Snowboard.
The competition draws serious racers and not so serious racers alike and offers a wonderful opportunity for members
of the Council's clubs to meet, to compete, to ski together and to celebrate at the après ski party where medals are
awarded and tentative trophy winner results are announced.

The competition is open to anyone who has been a member of a Metropolitan New York Ski Council club since
January 1st of the year of the race, who is a bonafide amateur, who meets the eligibility requirements of the event
entered, and who abides by the rules. Each year the following prized trophies are engraved and passed to
the winners or to the winners' clubs.

First Main Event Team - Palmedo Trophy
First Intermediate Event Team - German Ski Club Trophy
First Intermediate Event Junior Team - Herbert Schneider Trophy
Fastest Giant Slalom Skier - Harry W. Voege Trophy

First Elite Woman - Lillian Andlauer Trophy
First Senior Woman - Woman's Ski Association Trophy
First Woman - Harry Vallin Trophy
First Super Elite Man - Gene Worthley Memorial Trophy
First Elite Man - Matt Nuttila Trophy
First Veteran Man - Eric Sand Trophy
First Man - Metropolitan New York Ski Council Trophy

Fastest Woman - Grumman Trophy
Fastest Man - Allan Potts Memorial Trophy II
First Junior Girl - Larry Thain Trophy
First Junior Boy - Bernard Bauer Trophy

Fastest Snowboarder - Peter Endress Snowboarding Trophy

Be sure to include this happening on your club's calendar of events! Racers,
club members and friends of club members are welcome to attend the après ski party.
Contact your club's Met Council Rep/Contact Person for more details.